2. Profile


CEO  Yasushi Sekizawa

RAISONTECH was established on July 3, 2017, based on the vision of “We will passionately engage in research and development so that the technology we create will bring many blessings to the world.”
The company name is a combination of the English word “resonance”, which is the fundamental technology of our company, and the resonance of electromagnetic induction, and the French philosophical term “raison d’être” (“reason of existence”). We want you to resonate with our technical products, that is our reason for existence.” With technology that uses the resonance phenomenon of electromagnetic induction as our core competence, we will develop products for battery-less stylus pens, wireless power supply, and energy harvesting.
While cooperating with many companies, we will form a business platform, build win-win relationships, and aim to be a company with high profit margins.