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Wireless Power supply

Raisontech's Unique Analog Technology

Analog Technology

Make electromagnetic induction more convenient

Technology using the resonance phenomenon of electromagnetic induction
as core competence,
We manufacture stylus pens, wireless power supply, and energy harvesting.

Resonance of electromagnetic induction includes series resonance and parallel resonance. In an electronic circuit, the behavior of resonance changes depending on how the capacitor and coil are connected.
After extensive research on parallel resonance, we came up with a very effective method. However, from there, we repeated many prototypes, such as the design of the drive circuit and ferrite coil, until we reached the technological product we have today.
This is an “analog” technology that Japanese technology excels at.

Even with the metal mesh sensor used in the touch panel, the resistance value was difficult to adopt for the electromagnetic induction method. However, by using Raisontech’s resonance technology, it is possible to use the same sensors as conventional touch panels, such as metal mesh (metal mesh electrode) sensors, by using a transmission method that can supply power efficiently with a small amount of current.