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Product introduction

Vibration power generation using electromagnetic induction

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Vibration to energy

Attempts have been made to convert the vibrations of people walking into electricity. By converting vibrations into reusable energy, energy that would otherwise be wasted can be put to good use. Moreover, the energy sources are clean and plentiful.

However, since the amount of power generated by conventional vibration power generation equipment is very weak, it lacks practicality and has not been widely used. We are researching more practical vibration power generation using our electromagnetic induction technology.

Design resonant vibration

Conventionally, the focus has been on micro-vibrations with relatively fast cycles. We would like to actively utilize relatively slow long-period oscillations such as river currents and ocean waves. Utilizing the resonance of vibration, it is possible to extract effective power and use multiple power generation units to obtain a practical amount of power generation.

Advantages that cannot be obtained with power generation motors

Vibration power generation is inferior to general power generation motors in terms of power generation capacity and power generation efficiency. However, in terms of durability, longevity, and miniaturization, it is possible to design suitable for the usage. Especially suitable for the field of energy harvesting for IoT devices. You can play an active part in equipment that sometimes uses power or as a power backup.

get vibration from solar heat

I am researching the generation of electricity by generating vibrations using the Stirling engine technology from the heat of the sun. If you can create a temperature difference, you can generate electricity even at night. We are working toward the goal of exceeding the amount of power generated per unit area of solar panels.