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Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen

Realization of a transparent sensor with electromagnetic induction

Hybrid TP Sensor

The Hybrid TP Sensor is a sensor that realizes a human interface with a stylus pen in addition to the functions of a conventional touch panel.
Realized with a transparent film sensor using an electromagnetic induction method. Since it is placed above the monitor screen, it is as easy to incorporate as a conventional touch panel sensor.

special hybrid pattern

cost reduction

When configuring a finger touch and stylus pen, other companies’ stylus pen sensors required configuring the sensor with an expensive flexible printed circuit board (FPCB). In addition, since it is non-transparent, it has a two-panel structure with a sensor under the display and a touch sensor.

At Raisontech, a transparent sensor can be used instead of a flexible substrate, and can be hybridized with a touch sensor, eliminating the need for a single sensor and reducing costs accordingly.

High performance even with high resistance sensors

Even if the dedicated stylus pen sensor is placed under the screen, as with other companies’ methods, film sensors that are cheaper than flexible substrates can be used.

This is due to the fact that electromagnetic induction causes current to flow through the sensor, so performance cannot be obtained unless the resistance value of the sensor is low, but Raisontech’s patented technology has made it possible to achieve performance even with higher resistance values. I was able to realize it.